First Blog Post and Upcoming Reviews!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! Even though the name of the blog is Book and Manga reviews, what I really want is this to be a fun place where people can talk about some of their favorite things and just enjoy what we love! I will try to regularly post reviews, but I will also post some fun activities that we as a community can do (as long as everyone is okay with that). Feel free anytime to pop a suggestion to me and feel free to comment! I will try to read every comment and I will try to answer anyone who has a question! I hope all of you enjoy this blog!

The first order of business though is the very first review! I am going to do my first few reviews on books, but I’m not quite sure yet what book I am going to review first. On these reviews, please feel free to give me constructive criticism. This is my first blog and it’s my first time ever reviewing, so don’t be shy to give me any kind of suggestion that you may have!

Best wishes!!

Grace 🙂


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