The Hunger Games (Book 1)

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Book 1: The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

Here we go, HERE WE GO. It’s time to review the famous Hunger Games. Grab your swords and bows, cause we heading into the arena……

We in a dystopian world where the only (supposedly) habitable land is in North America an this North America is now known as Panem. It’s got 12 Districts and the Capitol. Everyone in the Capitol lives in the lap of luxury and never has to work a day in their lives. How can they do that??? Cause the Districts work everyday to supply them with stuff and in return, the Capitol treats them like crap. Probably cause of that whole rebellion thing that happened about 74 years ago, back when there were 13 Districts. Now there’s Hunger Games cause of the rebellion thing and every District sends a boy and a girl to battle to the death in an arena!!! Yay!! Anywayyy, here we have Katniss Everdeen on reaping day, and on this reaping day, her sister gets picked!!! So Katniss volunteers!!! Off to the Games!!! She also knows the boy tribute!!! What will happen??!!??

Okay, that above was kind of sarcastic, but it was fun to write. The Hunger Games actually has a somewhat decent plot. It’s very creative and it really makes you think, what if I was sent off to kill and die for someone’s entertainment? The story is easy to follow and the first book lightly hints at the overall plot of the three books (clever Suzanne Collins, very clever). But, I think the real meat of the story is the characters. Speaking of…..


Katniss- I really like this girl tbh. She kind of reminds me of me cause we both hate being told what to do. She also is good with a bow and hunting, which I kind of like in a female main character. But, gosh, is she clueless when it comes to other people’s feelings. I think that makes her human though, because some people just aren’t good with other people, or with their own emotions.

Peeta- Peeta is literally the sweetest. I will fight you on this. He’s very selfless and always puts Katniss’s needs above his own. Like, seriously, protect this boy. His flaw though is he always tries to see the good in people. Don’t get me wrong, that can be a good thing. Buttttt, when you’re in a death arena, not so much.

Gale- Katniss’s bff. We don’t see too much of him except that they’re friends and hunt together, he openly hates the Capitol, and he promises to take care of Katniss’s family if something happens to her.

Haymitch- He likes to drink, but we love him anyway. Though considering he also went through the arena, I don’t blame him too much. He’s Peeta and Katniss’s mentor throughout the games.

Effie- She’s the clueless Capitol person who works with Haymitch to get the tributes ready for the games. That’s all for now.

Snow- He’s the President.

Writing style:
I really like the writing in this book. It’s easy to follow along while almost giving an atmosphere of darkness and despair. This is not a happy world by any means, and I think the writing really shows that. Suzanne Collins is also good at describing places and feelings so the reader is easily able to imagine the story.

Even though I was sarcastic sometime, this book is one of my favorites! This is actually the book that first started my reading addiction. I don’t know where I would be without it!!

5/5 stars– Try to read the first book at least once!!!

Best wishes and happy reading!!

Grace 🙂

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the movies, they follow the books very well!!!


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