Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl

Mari Mancusi

Let me go ahead and tell you, this book is pretty cliche. So, if you don’t like YA cliches, then you probably won’t like this book. Or you might, idk, the choice is yours to make!

So, our main character, Maddy, is having a rough time. Her parents just split and she has to leave her school and her friends to live with her grandma and start going to new school. She pretty much doesn’t fit in and is bullied practically every day. Along with the help of a kind teacher, she decides to start changing things and making some friends by starting her own manga club and entering a manga contest!! But, she’s got a problem, she’s crushing on a guy that she met in the game, Fields of Fantasy, and she thinks he might go to her school??? What will happen????

Yeah, just by reading that you probably know what’s gonna happen. But, I actually genuinely like this book. The story and plot are cliche, but this is more like book candy to me. And, hey, it might be for you!


Maddy- Main character, likes reading manga, drawing manga, and just started playing video games. She’s kind of a goth chic except she doesn’t write depressing poetry. I think she really grows as a character since she from being depressed and bullied to rising up above that and starts being happy. I like it when people are happy.

Matt- Number one underrated character in this book. He’s been nice to Maddy since day one and I wish we would have gotten a bit more from him.

Billy- THE BULLY. Well, with a name like Billy, what did you expect??? I hate him and that’s about it.

Chad- The bully’s bff, but he’s different!!!! I actually like his character growth considering I know some people who used to hang out with bullies and how hard it was to finally get away from that toxicity. Plus, love interest!!!!

Sir Leo- Maddy’s virtual boyfriend who she plays Fields of Fantasy with.

Ms. Reilly- THE TEACHER WHO ACTUALLY TRIES TO HELP MADDY!!! Gosh, the other teachers just kind of act dumb.


More juvinile than most YA, but I still think it’s an easy read. Like I said, this is more like book candy, so no super detailed descriptions and stuff like that. If you’re in to contemporary stuff with no major emotional investment, then this will probably be a quick and easy read for you.

So, that’s it. One of my book candies I have brought to your attention to try. Read at your leisure.

4/5 stars– you can read it if you wanna

Best wishes and happy reading!!

Grace 🙂


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