Hold Still

Hold Still

Nina LaCour

*Fair warning* this book is about a girl who commits suicide and how her best friend is coping with her death. If you don’t like this kind of stuff, this book might not be for you.

“You might be looking for reasons, but there are no reasons.” -pg. 185

This is the story about Caitlin and how she copes with her best friend, Ingrid, committing suicide. This isn’t a book filled with drama or lots of action, but rather it’s the story of someone coming to terms with someone close to them committing suicide and the journey they go through to heal and finally move on from their loss.

This book isn’t really plot driven as it is more character driven, the characters aren’t really telling some kind of story. Rather, the story is telling about the characters and how they deal with the loss of Ingrid. It also tells how each grows from this experience and how they move on from tragedy.


Caitlin- Ingrid’s best friend and our main character. She goes through the book dealing with Ingrid being gone, to others, Caitlin seems somewhat emotionless. To me, she seems to be so sad, that she can’t really feel anything yet, she won’t be able to really feel until she gets past this loss.

Ingrid- the one who commits suicide. We don’t really get to know much about her, except from what we learn from Caitlin and from Ingrid’s personal journal that she leaves behind for Caitlin.

Taylor- Caitlin’s love interest. He tries to be there for Caitlin in the best way he can and (thankfully) doesn’t try to force himself on Caitlin.

Alicia- Classic mean girl. She’s somewhat irrelevant tbh

Ms. Delani- Teacher who was close to both Caitlin and Ingrid.

Henry- Typical popular guy who’s mean and a jock. Friend of Taylor’s.

Dylan- New girl at school who becomes Caitlin’s friend and tries to help her move on.

Jayson- The guy Ingrid was crushing on, friend of Taylor’s.

Maddy- Dylan’s girlfriend, tries to help Caitlin as well

The writing is very simplistic, but effective. It does a good job displaying how sometimes people feel emotionless when they lose someone. Despite everything I’ve said about this book, it’s actually not a depressing book. Instead, it is more hopeful, that you can move on from someone that you’ve lost, and I think that’s an important message to give.

4/5 stars- an important book to read

Best wishes and happy reading!!

Grace 🙂


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