The Titan’s Curse (Book 3)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Book 3: The Titan’s Curse

Rick Riordan

Alright, its here!!! Review for book numbah three!!!! Buckle up kiddies cause here we go!!!

Alright, so this one takes place about six months after the events of the last book. Percy and co. go to find two powerful demigods. However, while they go rescue them, Annabeth ends up getting captured!!! Then the gang gets rescued by the Hunters of Artemis, maidens who have sworn to hunt with Artemis for the rest of their lives. After returning to camp, one of the Hunters, Zoe, finds out that Artemis has been captured by the same people who took Annabeth!! So, some of the Hunters, Thalia, and Grover get picked to go on a quest to rescue them, Percy following them since he believes he should be on the quest as well.

The action and adventure pick up as we learn more about the oncoming army of Kronos and the future of demigods and the gods as a creature with the power to destroy the gods is on the loose. And the army of Kronos will stop at nothing to find it.


Percy: It’s mah boi Percy!! As sassy as ever, but kind of lost without Annabeth. Best of all though is Percy keeps on growing with power as well as some personal growth. We’re rooting for you buddy!!!

Annabeth: Basically prisoner for almost the whole book, but she really can’t help that. In this book, we really get to see more of Annabeth’s emotional side.

Thalia: The lost daughter of Zeus who *SPOILERS* was protecting the camp as a tree and was turned back into a human at the end of the last book *SPOILERS OVER* Her and Percy do not, and I mean DO NOT get along. Maybe because they are so much alike lel.

Grover: Taking a break from finding Pan to help find Annabeth. He’s the man and helps out the others in many ways, including a tracking spell!

Bianca: One of the two kids the gang rescued. Older sister to Nico, the other kid, and not confirmed until later in this book who her godly parent is. She decides to join the Hunters of Artemis after being rescued and goes on the quest with the others.

Nico: This is my precious smol baby and he needs to be protected. Bianca’s younger brother who stays behind at camp, and Nico REALLY looks up to Percy. His godly parent not revealed until later in the book.

Luke: Do I really need to say anything?

Artemis: She’s pretty chill compared to a lot of the other gods, but she hates dudes.

Apollo: Tbh, even though he acts kind of like he’s all that, he’s pretty funny and actually helps out the others quite a bit! And he is like, my fave ❤

Zoe: I didn’t like her at first, but she got better. AND OH MY HEART!!!!

I think this one’s writing is better than the previous book and it’s still freaking hilarious (probably a bit more hilarious than the others in some parts). Plus, this one is SO MUCH THICKER than the last book, And that makes me super happy!!!

Great third addition to an awesome series!!!!

5/5 stars- the greatness just keeps on coming

Best wishes and happy reading!!

Grace 🙂






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